Flowers are the perfect gift to show a client your appreciation and assure their loyalty and future business.

What We Hear About Giving Flowers To Clients

I’m the third generation in an old-school family business and we give a lot of gifts at the holidays. Way back, they used to give bottles of liquor but most people don’t drink the hard stuff too much anymore. Then we gave turkeys or hams until I pointed out the problem with that – even I always ended up with two or three turkeys because our vendors were doing the same thing, and I didn’t need any (we always went to my parents or in-laws). If it didn’t work as a gift for me it probably wasn't working for our customers either so we switched to flowers.

The response has been great. You can tell from the thank you call that you get – there is no doubt that customers appreciate flowers more. They are the perfect business gift.

Small Business Owner


As a financial advisor, I rely on referrals from my existing clients as a way to grow my business.  I always send a hand-written note and flowers as a “thank you” because I’ve discovered that not a lot of other advisers even bother to acknowledge the referral! 

What I know is that often your client will refer even more family and friends to you, if you take the time to let them know you appreciate the effort.

Financial Advisor