For over a decade FloristWare has been the best POS system for florists. More than just another floral POS/CRM system FloristWare is a complete shop management solution for retail florists.

It helps retail florists save time and money by streamlining and/or automating many of the time-consuming and repetitive tasks involved in running a flower shop. Mistakes are reduced. Productivity improves. Customer satisfaction and loyalty increases because of the enhanced service FloristWare helps the flower shop provide.

Some of the things florists love about FloristWare include...


Powerful Reporting

FloristWare generates almost fifty different reports. These help florists better understand their business and make more informed decisions that improve efficiency and increase profits. One great example show the florist the sales generated by each of their marketing efforts. Armed with this information the flower shop owner can take money from the campaigns that don’t perform well and redirect it into the campaigns that do. Our reports also simplify the process and reduce the costs associated with bookkeeping and accounting.



Florists are trusting people and few ever think about security until it’s too late. Those that have been burned appreciate the theft prevention and security features in FloristWare that control exactly what users have access to what information.


An Understanding of the True Nature of the Flower Business

Most POS systems, even those that claim to be made especially for florists, are made by people that don’t really understand the flower business. For example customers often want to place two or more orders at the same time, pay once and get one receipt. Or that sometimes people may want to split payment for an order over a couple of different credit cards. Most POS companies just tell you that never happens… we know that it does and give you the tools you need for those situations.


Higher Order Values

We work with Tim Huckabee, founder of FloralStrategies and the only dedicated sales trainer in the flower business, to make sure that FloristWare helps retail florists generate bigger, more profitable and more interesting orders.


There is a lot more. But one of the things we care most akout is our commitment to the industry, which was recognized last year by the Michigan Floral Association when they presented FloristWare with their National Service Award,

2018 Michigan Floral Association National Service Award

This individual or company is connected to the floral industry locally, nationally, or internationally. They may be a retailer, wholesaler, grower, educator, etc. and have demonstrated outstanding service to the floral industry of America.

This person is one of the most active and connected individuals behind the scenes in our industry. They work tirelessly for their customers, and is incredibly generous with their time and resources in helping people and organizations across the floral industry. FloristWare is a small company, but at their direction they sponsor speakers and exhibit at florist events across North America. On social media and the FloristWare website they continue to promote awareness of florist shows and events all over Canada and the USA. They even donate their time to help organizations with websites, graphics, printing, and other efforts. Especially considering the relative size of FloristWare to other providers, no one has given more to help support and grow florists.

The Michigan Floral Association congratulates and is pleased to present the 2018 National Service Award to Mark Anderson of FloristWare