Here are five ways flowers and plants can help you sell your home:


They help give your rooms sense of scale online:

 These days, most people begin searching for their new home online, which means the photos of your home an important tool in selling it. Having plants around your living areas help give a viewer a sense of how big the space is, or in some cases with larger plants, how high the ceiling is.


They can help with the staging:

When showing your home, you may not want to leave out personal items like family photos or kid’s artwork. Small potted plants or vases of flowers can help fill the empty spaces where those items have been removed, while making sure that your home still has a warm and inviting feeling.


They can fill bigger, empty spaces:

If there’s one corner of your room that you just can’t find the right table or chair for, try a bigger plant in a beautiful planter. Bonus - if it’s a corner near large windows or doors, the plant will make the room look bigger, by tying it into the greenery in your outside space.


They smell fantastic:

Like the old trick of brewing a pot of coffee or baking cookies before a showing, having a vase of beautifully scented flowers makes your home smell fresh and clean, while plants are known air purifiers. 


Think beyond the living room:

Your foyer, bathroom and home office can all benefit from flowers and plants too. A vase of flowers or an orchid in the foyer sets the tone as potential buyers enter your home. For bathrooms with low light, bamboo can add a relaxing touch. And don’t forget your home office, where a well-placed plant can draw the buyer’s eye away from electrical cords or spruce up more functional furniture like file cabinets. 


Best of all, flowers and plants are an easy and affordable upgrade for anyone looking to sell their home. Your local florist will have lots of ideas and options to help you find the perfect solutions for your home.