Have you ever wondered why we send flowers or a plant to a loved one who is sick? Either at home or in the hospital, a floral gift can be a cheerful reminder that we are thinking of them and hope they are feeling better soon. 

But those good feelings actually have a scientific study to back them up. 

It’s been proven, through a study by the American Society for Horticultural Science, that having flowers or a plant nearby can improve a hospital patient’s pain levels, lower their anxiety and fatigue, and provide higher satisfaction with a their hospital room. 

The study took a group of 90 hospital patients and split them into two groups, with one group having a plant/flowers in their room while the other group did not. And the results were clear: the group with the plant/flowers had better results and were happier overall with their hospital experience. 

In fact the research goes so far as to suggest that flowers can be a “complementary medicine” for recovering patients. 

And other studies have shown that even if for people who are not in the hospital, the calming and relaxing benefits of plants and flowers is real and tangible.

Modern lifestyles mean many of us are living in urban environments, with limited access to nature. Indulging in “nature therapy” via flowers and plants in our homes helps us feel relaxed, calm, and more connected to the natural world.

So the next time you buy a bouquet or plant for an ailing friend, get one for yourself too, because it’s good for you.