When we think of flowers being given as gifts, we tend to assume that it’s women who are receiving them. In fact, about 80% of the recipients of Valentine’s flowers are women. 

But research from Rutgers University shows that men, like women, have positive reactions when receiving flowers. The behavioural study observed that men who received a surprise gift of flowers demonstrated different positive verbal and body language behaviours than the control group which did not receive flowers. 

This particular study builds on the findings of an earlier Rutgers “Emotional Impact of Flowers” study that focused on women and showed there was an immediate emotional reaction  from participants when they received flowers. Participants were also interviewed about ten days after the flower delivery to answer questions about how having flowers in their home made them feel. 

The great thing about buying flowers for men is that they work for a wide range of budgets and occasions. Here’s a few things to keep in mind when choosing your gift: 

  • Generally, floral professionals agree that it’s better to go with bolder colors and modern, contemporary designs for arrangements. Plants may be the best option - either orchids if you want some color or a mixed planter. 
  • Consider an add-on to the flowers, like two bottles of local craft beer, movie tickets or his favorite candy.  
  • Think about where best to give him the bouquet - is getting it delivered to him at home better than the workplace? (Most women love getting flowers at work but men may feel differently). If it’s to say “congrats” on a work milestone like a promotion, then sending them to work is definitely appropriate. 

Your local florist will have lots of ideas for gifting flowers. And whatever you choose, you know that these two studies add scientific data to what many of us already believe - flowers and plants have a strong, positive effect on everyone who receives them!