Did you know that flowers and plants have been proven to provide both physical and mental health benefits for patients in hospitals by lowering pain levels and anxiety, and increasing satisfaction with their hospital room?

However, a recent study by Tel-Aviv University has also found a beneficial link between flower arranging and reduced pain and stress in people suffering from fibromyalgia. 

Fibromyalgia is a musculoskeletal disease. While the cause is unknown, the symptoms include pain, fatigue, disrupted sleep, anxiety, depression and cognitive dysfunction.  It’s estimated that approximately 3-4% of the world’s population has fibromyalgia, with the majority of sufferers being female. 

This particular study had two groups of female patients take a flower arranging course once a week over 12 weeks, to see if working with flowers and living with the arrangement they had made in their home for the next week had any effects on their pain and mental well being. 

The research showed a “clear and significant improvement”  in the pain levels and mental health of both groups which continued even after the 12-week course had finished. 

Occupational and alternative therapies have previously been found to have positive effects on fibromyalgia patients, and as one of the doctors who conducted the study noted, flower arranging is “particularly effective because it’s a multi-stimulation therapy”.